If you watched Lady Gaga's performance at the 2023 Oscars and marveled at her bare skin, you might have found yourself wondering: wait, wasn't she just wearing a major makeup moment less than an hour ago? She was! Sometime between the red carpet and her moving performance, Gaga and her team found time to expertly remove almost every drop of makeup from her skin, save for a little residual lipstick. This is no easy feat, considering the Haus Labs products she was wearing are ultra long-wearing and pigmented. So what makeup remover did Gaga and her longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno use?

BAZAAR interviewed Tanno back in 2019 about all her makeup and skincare favorites. When asked about what makeup remover she loves, the artist replied: "I like to kick it old school, I like the Lancôme Bi-Facil. Also, argan oil—Gaga taught me that. If you have heavy eye makeup or waterproof products, just straight up argan oil is really great to just remove everything and melt it off. I learn so much from her!"

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Tanno wouldn't confirm exactly how she changed Gaga's makeup so fast. "I do swear by oil—argan oil, in combination with other products and tricks for removing high performance makeup," she tells BAZAAR exclusively.

The Lancôme Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover is an award-winning, classic formula that is beloved for its ability to quickly melt waterproof liners and lipsticks without irritating skin. But because of the bi-phase formula—both water and oil—it can leave a slightly greasy residue behind, so Gaga would likely still have needed a face wash or wipes backstage (Tanno shared a photo of used wipes, cotton rounds, and Q-tips on her Instagram Stories).

Nothing is better at melting makeup than oil and oil-based cleansers, and argan oil is a great choice by Gaga because it's anti-inflammatory and conditioning, too. Plus, it's considered a dry oil, so it won't leave skin feeling too greasy once applied.

Can fans expect a makeup-melting product from Haus Labs in the future? "We are always exploring what’s new, better, or different," Tanno adds. "Never say never."

You can learn more about the makeup artist's favorite products, as well as get an exclusive look at her beauty stash, here:

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